I am a photographer, artist and teacher who is passionate about landscape photography and art. I am particularly drawn to the landscape of the west country. I believe that it is essential to get to know the landscape by enjoying it in every season, retracing your footsteps and observing the scene at different times of day.

In 1998 I graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art at Coventry University. In 2000 I completed a PGCE at Goldsmiths to become an art teacher. In 2005 I completed my postgraduate diploma in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Throughout this time I focusssed on urban street scenes inspired by my street photogrsaphy of London and my travels. Landscape has always been a a love of mine by it wasnt until visiting lindisfarne in 2018 that everyting changed. It made me realise that the structure and form you observe in street photography can be applied to landscape. It also made me realise that my love of landscape was deeply rooted from an early age. Therefore the trnasition from urban to rural environments seemed a natural progression. Structure, form, tonal contrast, light and expression have roles to play in any environment and these are the aspects that have always inspired my work.