I am starting out in a new direction in terms of painting. My Landscape photography and the experiences that I have had in landscape have inspired a new series of paintings. I have painted the figure in the environment for over 25 years. I am now turning to the environment itself for inspiration. Abstract painting is not new to me but the driving force behind my work is new. The contemplation of space within landscape. The paintings are uninhibited personal exploration of landscape and associated personal emotion that is evoked by being in the space. The starting point for this was a trip to Lindisfarne over two years ago. The landscape there made me feel at home. The wild coastline is full of beauty. From the far point of Lindisfarne the view in every direction offers different textures and tones. You can see why Saint Cuthbert mad it his home for so many years. I have always been drawn to essentially monochromatic painting such as Franz Kline, John Virtue, Koon Wai Bong, Turner, Kurt Jackson, Caper David Fredrich. Although colour is present in their work the overarching focus on tone and contrast come into to play in everyone of these artists works. The interplay of light and dark within the pictorial space is essential to the mood.