You are warmly invited to an exhibition of my photography at Bath library gallery. The exhibition runs from 4th to 29th April. Its open 9 to 4.30 Monday to Saturday. I have a private view on Saturday 8th April from 1 to 4pm. It would be great to see you there. There will be a selection of prints and cards available.

New found lands is a landscape photography by Austen O’Hanlon. I have been a fond walker and for my entire life but it wasn’t until visiting Lindisfarne in 2018 that my creative direction changed. The trip inspired a new found fascination for landscape photography.  I have been an artist and photographer for over 30 years. During this time my main focus has been Street photography and painting people with an urban setting. Does fascination in place has always been essentially important to my work over the years the focus has changed from an urban environment to that of a rural one.
The route a person takes through a city is similar to that of a landscape exploring and redefining the space in relation to their own experience of that particular time, season and mood that you experience during a moment. The recording of this moment has always been essential to my work in order to make understand the world around me. Every route and path is really important to forming a sense of place and it forms a growing connection with the Landscape around us to in order define and explore this New found lands.