I recently came back from the Alps. It was wonderful to see them again in all their splendour. I made a video whilst walking up the Dent D’Oche where I took the photograph above. Please have a watch by clicking on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BfdjAh3zRE&t=365s This place was quite a challenge to walk up but worth every minute of it. I read various guides and looked at various maps and they all mentioned the chains and rocky terrain. Nobody mentioned the seriously spooky wood at the start of the walk. I walked up the mountain at 4am so there was very little light. The sky was virtually swallowed up by tall pine trees on the lower slopes of the Dent D’Oche. After coming out of the forest you climb toward a wonderful mountain cheesemaker called Ferme des Chalets D’Oche. It is fantastic cheese! I tried some on the way down! From there you climb upwards on a clearly defined path. You then teach a sign that tells you that you are walking on unmarked paths with a steep and dangerous ascent. This is the point where the mountain becomes steep. Shorty followed by a long set of ominous yet helpful chains leading you up the mountain until you arrive at the shelter. This mountain shelter is like no other. You arrive expecting a rudimentary room with beds only to find a wonderful cafe! I had a great breakfast of coffee, home-made bread and jam served by really friendly staff. Then you walk around the back of the shelter to continue upwards to the summit. At this point if its raining then turn back. Its ok in dry conditions but it would be treacherous in the wet. You ascend a steep rock face grabbing on to the chains all the way the summit. The summit awards you with the most amazing views of Lac le Man to one side and Mont Blanc and the Haute-Savoie to the other. It is quite a sight and a view that I will never forget.

(Its important to point out that this is in no way a guide for the mountain just my opinion and thoughts).

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