Bamberg beach is a wonderful place full of weight of history. There i stood for over an hour in the cold grey and then it happened for only a few minutes. The sun caught the bottom of the cloud looking over to Lindisfarne. The line of line reflected on the wet beach. It was one of those rare moments in landscape photography where the sun treats you briefly before descending in to darkness. This print is available in A4 or A3 size.

Buying fine art prints

Every print will be printed using fotospeed Platinum cotton archival quality paper. Every print will arrive in a presentation box, all print packaging will be 100% recyclable materials. Each print will be individually signed, numbered (limited editions only) and titled unless otherwise stated by you, the customer. A certificate of authenticity will be included with all limited edition prints.

Print size information

The actual image won’t be ‘exact’ to their specific ‘A’ size. If you have any additional questions regarding border sizes, exact print measurements or anything else, feel free to email me.

Rights & Terms

As the photographer, I reserve the right to reproduce this image for any other promotional purpose. Once 30 prints have been sold (limited edition prints only), they will not be sold as a stand-alone fine art print again. 

Please note that you may be charged customs taxes/duties for this print.

All prints are personally packaged. I aim to have prints out for delivery 5-7 working days after purchase date.

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